EMS is proud to be a supplier of IPD Engine Parts. Since 1955 IPD has focused on helping equipment owners save money without the risk to reliability. IPD Engine parts are a safe and secure investment. IPD simply , has set the standard for Quality , Innovation Service & support for almost 60 years. EMS & IPD recognizes the importance of repairing engines with only the best quality products as these machines are an investment and source of income for their owners. Engine performance is critical and only the best replacement parts should be considered. The extent to which IPD has developed its ISO process and made it a part of virtually every aspect of IPD is uncommon practice in most companies in the Aftermarket Parts Industry.

Our robust product line covers a wide range of products for Caterpillar Diesel & Natural Gas Engines.

D3508 / D3512 / D3516 / D3524 / G3508 / G3512 / G3516 / G3524 covers the 3500 series Caterpillar Diesel & Natural Gas Engines.

D3406 / D3408 / D3412 / D3406E / D3408E / D3412E / G3406 / G3408 / G3412 covers the 3400 series Caterpillar Diesel & Natural Gas Engines.

D3304 / D3306 / D333 / G3304 / G3306 / G333 covers the 3300 & 333 series Caterpillar Diesel & Natural Gas Engines.

D342 / D353 / D379 / D398 / D399 / G342 / G353 / G379 / G398 / G399 covers the D300 series Diesel & Natural Gas Engines.

C-7 / C-9 / C-12 / C-15 covers the C series High Power Low Emissions range of Caterpillar engines with  C-16 / C-18 & C-32 following soon.

3064 / 3066  covers the Caterpillar range of Diesel Engines common to the Caterpillar 300 series Excavators 312B / 314C / 320B / 323D etc.

3114 / 3116 / 3126 / 3176C  covers the 3100 series of Caterpillar Diesel Engines.

Older Caterpillar Engines are also covered in the IPD range with solid coverage for 3204 / 3208 / D339 / D343 / D346 / D348 all catered for in the IPD range.

EMS supports IPD with our Caterpillar range of Oil Coolers, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Cylinder Heads, Manifolds, Radiators, Cylinder Blocks, Engine Oil & Water Pumps.

EMS & IPD also offer coverage for Cummins ISX / QSX engines. A full range of In-Frame Kits & Valve Train components are available at the most competitive prices are available from EMS.

Our Product Line has many features that set IPD apart from other Aftermarket Suppliers. The use of Bi-Metal bearings, Induction Hardened Liners, Steel Pistons & the highest quality Valve Train components coupled with our comprehensive and clearly stated warranties gives our customers the much needed peace of mind when purchasing IPD products because they know they are covered and protected.